Quill Shuttles

September 2021 update: 

Custom run from 2020 and 2021 nearly complete.  Apologies for the very long delay finishing the shuttles.  Delay due to outbuilding project started August 2020 and the pandemic. Next custom run will likely be fall 2022 or spring of 2023.

Quill shuttles are typically used in Scandinavian weaving or on looms with narrow sheds. Quills are economical – they may be purchased or made from stiff paper. Quills hold more yarn than a bobbin of comparable size and are quieter to use. Many weavers prefer the use of quills for better selvedges.


Canopus Quill shuttles are made up of 3 (or rarely 5) layers of figured hardwoods, typically combinations of bird’s eye maple, tiger maple, curly cherry, curly white oak,  black walnut, koa, mango, and honey locust. Shuttles are highly contoured and fine sanded to 2000-grit with 10 coats of finish applied. A 3.5mm polished stainless steel rod fits standard cardboard quills, and operates up & down using an internal spring mechanism. Extremely hard Brazilian ebony, or sometimes lignum vitae inserts are placed at either end of the yarn slot to reduce wear from abrasive yarns like linen and hemp. The spring slot on top is covered either with ebony (black) or pink ivory (red).  In the shuttle descriptions below, we list the shuttle weight, L,W,H, length from the end of the cavity to the tip of the shuttle for either end (this is important to some weavers), and quill length handled by shuttle (4″ or 6″).  Damask shuttles are less than 3/4″ height.

Any quill shuttle: $130 plus shipping. Personal check or USPS Money Order is preferred.

f2018Qkoahloc3: Koa top/bottom, honey locust center. Brazilian ebony yarn slot inserts. 4.3 oz., 17 3/8″L, 1 1/2″W, 3/4″H, 5 1/4″ tip to nearest cavity end. Fits 6″ quills.
**(sample shuttle only)**f2018Qkoahloc3: Koa top/bottom, honey locust center.
Brazilian ebony yarn slot inserts. 3.7 oz., 15″L, 1 1/2″W, 3/4″H, 4″ tip to nearest cavity end. Fits 6″ quills.

f2018Qkoahloc3 bottom view
**(sample shuttle only)**f2018Qkoahloc3 bottom view